IntoMeetings Features

IntoMeetings come with a variety of features designed to streamline the entire meeting lifecycle, from scheduling to follow-up.


Scheduling and Calendar Integration

  • Ability to schedule meetings, set dates, times, and durations.
  • Calendar integration with Google Calendar
  • Automatic synchronization of meeting schedules with participants' calendars.

Agenda Management

  • Creation and management of meeting agendas.
  • Option to attach documents, links, or notes to agenda items.
  • Collaborative agenda editing for team members.

User Roles and Permissions

  • Support for multiple user roles (e.g., organizer, participant, admin).
  • Customization permissions to control who can create, edit, or delete meetings.

Invitations and Notifications

  • Sending meeting invitations to participants via email or within the system.
  • Automated reminders and notifications for upcoming meetings.
  • RSVP Tracking to monitor participants responses and attendance

Attendee Management

  • Managing a list of attendees and their roles.
  • Tracking attendance and late arrivals.
  • Handling substitutions or replacements.

Meeting Room and Resource Booking

  • Booking physical or virtual meeting rooms.
  • Managing audiovisual equipment and other resources needed for the meeting.

Meeting Recording

  • Recording meetings for future reference or for participants who couldn't attend.
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Video Conferencing Integration

  • Integration with video conferencing tools Such as Microsoft Teams
  • Easy access to video meetings directly from the meeting management system.

Document Management

  • File storage: Store meeting-related documents (e.g., presentations, reports).
  • Document sharing: Share materials with meeting participants.

Notifications and Reminders

  • Send reminders to participants.
  • Receive updates on meeting changes and updates.

Meeting Minutes and Follow-up

  • Capturing meeting minutes and action items.
  • Assigning responsibilities and deadlines for follow-up tasks.
  • Tracking the progress of action items.
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Analytics and Reporting

  • Generating reports on meeting statistics, attendance, and outcomes.
  • Collect data on meeting effectiveness.
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Search and Archiving

  • Robust search functionality to easily find past meetings, notes, and documents.
  • Archiving and long-term storage of meeting data.


  • Cast votes during the meeting on various meeting agenda items, proposals, or decisions.
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Signature Affixing
  • Affix digital signature to the minutes of meeting instantly
  • Print meeting Minutes and sign them on paper.
  • Collaborate on documents during the meeting with IntoMeetings annotation tools such as Pen, highlighter and sticky notes.
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