All Your Meetings At Your Fingertips

IntoMeetings is efficient, easy-to-use tool that covers the whole process of a meeting starting from sending meeting invitations, members’ registration, to following up the meetings decisions., with 24/7 access to meeting records and decisions


IntoMeetings provides you with following features and much more

Full documentation

Advanced analytics

Fast performance

Secure Archive

  • IntoMeetings provides Meeting Analytics dashboards built on a powerful reporting platform with a set of rich graphical and tabular reports to maximize your organization performance.

  • IntoMeetings stores all meeting minutes online along with their attachments, and archives them by meeting title, date and coordinator. Making it easy to access by anyone with required authori

  • IntoMeetings is the perfect choice for government entities, large corporations, universities and enterprises, as it maintains the main and subsidiary board entries with a clear set of hierarchy rules.

  • IntoMeetings which offers a full suite of facility scheduling and calendaring solutions that would empower any size organization with tools that maximize utilization, streamline communications, and reduce operating costs.

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  • intomeetings Screen
  • intomeetings Screen

A Platform for Everyone

IntoMeetings is designed to suit all members in any organization. Its user-friendly and simple design makes it accessible by anyone regardless of their status. With a responive and flexible solution you can hold your meetings anytime, anywhere and manage them remotely.

Access your meetings from any device

IntoMeetings is a web based application with a truly responsive design that supports all devices. The platform works on both IOS and Android systems giving users flexibility to access their accounts anytime and anywhere.

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Easy navigation

With easy navigation and guidelines, users can easily become familiar with the platform.

  • IntoMeetings screen
  • IntoMeetings screen
  • IntoMeetings screen

Interactive Calendar

From a single interface, users can view multiple information about their meetings and tasks.