Quit wasting your resources on analysts, IntoMeetings offers you a powerful reporting system that will help your reach conclusions

IntoMeetings solution provides Meeting Analytics dashboards, built on a powerful reporting platform with a set of rich graphical reports to enhance your organization's efficiency. .

For employees:

  • • The number of times called for a meeting.
  • • The number of times to confirm or apologize for attendance.
  • • The number of times to attend meetings.
  • • The number of hours to attend meetings / as a percentage of working time.
  • • The number of times to participate in voting and the relation of his/her vote with the majority.
  • • The number of tasks assigned to him/her from meetings.
  • • Tasks delay or completion percentage.

For the whole organization:

  • • The number of completed meetings
  • • Confirmation and apology rates with or without cause or absenteeism
  • • The number of participants in meetings and distribution departments and committees
  • • The number of hours to attend meetings
  • • Average hours of meetings in each department and the Committee of the employee
  • • The number of tasks and the percentage of completion in whole organization

For committees:

  • • The number of meetings.
  • • The extent of members' commitment to attend.
  • • The number of decisions and percentage of completion.

For each Meeting room:

  • • Meeting Rooms occupancy ratio.