Hold your meeting anytime, anywhere

With IntoMeetings, you can hold your meetings anytime, anywhere. The system gives you the ability to manage your meetings remotely with innovative tools designed to suit your needs for managing a successful meeting.

Meetings Archive

IntoMeetings archives all meeting minutes by meeting title, date, coordinator and their attachments. Making it easy to access minutes by anyone with authority. With the ability to search across several meeting minutes’ documents.

Responsive design

IntoMeetings is a web based application with a truly responsive design that supports all devices, so users can access meetings on all devices like tablets or mobiles.

Send invitations in a modern way

Using IntoMeetings invitation tools, users can invite members to any meeting by sending e-mails and/or SMS messages in a modern and efficient way.


Meetings are one of the most important activities for any organization, university, and enterprise. The overall strategy of an organization is set, and key decisions are made, during meetings. IntoMeetings has been proven to be the smart solution for managing various types of meetings. With easy-to-use tools and functions, IntoMeetings is a leading competitor in the market of meetings management on local and regional levels. Among the tools and functions that the system provide are:

Flexible Integration

Wide range of integration for on-premises options: Active directory integration, Exchange server integration, outlook and SMS gateway integration.

Specify the time devoted to each meeting

You can specify the total time for every meeting and set duration for each point on the agenda. A timer calculates the remaining meeting time and the time for each agenda point and give an indication once they expire.

Meeting Rooms Management

IntoMeetings has the advantage of adding meeting rooms with descriptions of their contents, equipment available, recording meeting room data and location, integrating with Google Maps. Moreover, directors can view all meeting rooms reservation schedules in order to pick an appropriate time and date.

Personal tasks

IntoMeetings has powerful task management tools that provide efficient methods for task owners to quickly update the status on their assigned meeting action items in My Task list.

Powerful Reporting

IntoMeetings offers meeting analytics dashboards that are built on a powerful reporting platform with a set of rich graphical reports such as a number of accomplished meetings, tasks progress, and effectiveness of committees and employees, to enhance organization's productivity.

Intelligent management of committees

IntoMeetings solution is designed to give directors full control of committees, allowing access only to those who have been invited or have permission to view specific meetings and files. All confidential information is securely archived and remains secure. Setting permissions by groups or committees with restricted access to meetings or documents, besides the integration with the Active Directory.

Search Engine

A rich search engine that helps users search for any document and or meeting detail. It searches all the meeting data including members, agenda, documents, notes, suggestions, minutes, action items, and progress.

Ability to interact and vote

IntoMeetings provides a tool for taking votes on any agenda point. The coordinator adds a question, multiple answers and chooses whether the voting is secret or public. If it is a public voting, members can view the votes of the meeting attendees, while for secret voting members can only see voting results.

Record decisions and action item

At the end of every meeting, all meeting notes, voting results, action items (along with due dates) and decisions are summarized and instantly delivered to all meeting attendees.

Auto Distribution of Meeting Minutes

After the meeting, IntoMeetings automatically creates meeting minutes based on the information entered through the meeting. Meeting minutes with all associated notes, votes and tasks are automatically distributed to members. Participants can decide to proofread or add notes after the meeting, if needed.

Manage the process of approving the minutes of the meeting

IntoMeetings allows meeting attendees to approve or reject meeting minutes, and requires them, in case of rejection, to mention the reason. Thus, the chairperson can take the necessary action to amend the record and resubmit it for approval.


IntoMeetings supports both Arabic and English on all the system interfaces.