The committee members of clubs hold periodic meetings and events therefore always have many decisions, documents and tasks that need to be archived for later reference.

Athletic Clubs

Athletic clubs’ members are formed for people to come together for a certain desired goal such as maximizing profits, leisure activities, sports, and etc. Any kind of activity; events, deadlines, and discussions, needs to be preplanned and well ordered to show effective results. IntoMeetings software is perfect to attain all your goals in a well-organized and safe manner.

Social & Hobby Clubs

IntoMeetings helps you track your tasks, events, plans, and many other features. As it gives you the chance to share documents originated from social media and any other websites. Don’t fear that your plans are too much to fit in the software. IntoMeetings gives you enough space for any size of any club, association, or a whole organization.

Academic Clubs

To nourish any kind of club specifically academic club with many useful and information that is coherent and ordered to its members, the club needs a place to record attendances, discussions, related documents and sources, and any kind of academic papers. IntoMeetings software to have all these tools and more to create a solid and safe ground to build on all your data and plans.

Service Clubs

Service club is all about selfless giving events such as fundraising and volunteering campaigns that need huge plans and variety of tasks to be done. This kind of club needs to set their dates, plans, and reminders to make sure everything in hand. IntoMeetings supplies you with these tools to tackle your work and to update or edit your tasks from anywhere you want whenever an idea pops in your mind.

National Clubs & Chapters

IntoMeetings flourishes you with the space you need either the organization is a flat or tall one. You can add all information, data, researches, and more that matters in the software. Also, you can allow certain people to access your work and permit others you don’t want. With IntoMeetings, YOU are in full power!


IntoMeetings doesn’t only object managers but also anyone or any group who wants to share discussions, set plans, and update progress. The software helps your work becomes as effective as organized as it is desired. If you are group of colleagues want to vote for something or even a group of friends who wants to initiate or launch a small project, IntoMeetings software enters you in an organized, successful, secured, and uncomplicated world with all wishes are granted.