Non-Profit Organizations

IntoMeetings is developed to support non-profit organizations make their goals a reality and enrich their meeting experiences. Below are examples of how IntoMeetings can reinforce your board meetings quality.

Real-time Communication and Interaction

Using IntoMeetings saves the time and effort of having to inform staff members with meeting schedules and reminding them with deadlines that are to be met. IntoMeetings allows board members easy access to all sorts of communication by simply adding notes and suggestions. And at the end of a meeting the Chairman can assign tasks to members that will later show on their personal tasks tab. In addition, by using IntoMeetings archive feature, board members will be able to easily retrieve old/archived meetings records including agendas, meeting minutes and action items with all details. Participants will receive notifications when new tasks are assigned to them leaving no excuses for committee members and higher management for not being in the loop.

Scheduling for Future Events

Non-profit organizations hold frequent annual events in order to fundraise income. In order to help board members not to lose track of key dates and tasks by using different calendars, IntoMeetings features all event planning tasks in one place integrating with industry standard calendar applications such as Exchange, Outlook and Google Calendar. Thus, IntoMeetings will help your organization stay on top of every event and stay successful all year round.

All in one place

Meeting participants usually come into meetings with lots of documents and leave with even more. And with a busy schedule of non-profitable organizations documents pile up and important notes get lost. Using IntoMeetings will allow your organization to organize and store all documents in one place that can be accessed at any time effortlessly.

Decide as a team

Non-profit organization directors are often encountered with situations that require them to take important decisions while considering the opinions of other members. Collecting votes on a particular issue is a difficult task, especially in a dynamic environment as in non-profit organizations. IntoMeetings features a voting tool that allows board directors to gather members’ opinions through public or confidential voting.

Meeting point

Considering the fact that non-profit organizations members are always on the go finding suitable meeting rooms and event halls is a time consuming task. With IntoMeetings you can view meeting rooms availability. Using IntoMeetings allows directors to not only view meeting rooms status, but also check equipment available and request others if needed.