Meetings Follow-up

Make sure that ends meet by following up on decisions and action items until goals are achieved.”

In the last few years and with the fast pace of businesses, executives spend most of their time moving from one meeting to another. Meetings is now a crucial activity in any organization. Yet due to the high load of work, meetings are becoming a very hectic activity due to the lack of meeting minutes’ documentation, good governance practices and even the follow up on action items decided during the meetings. Without going any further, your organization needs IntoMeetings. The role of IntoMeetings is not only limited to the adoption and archiving of meeting documents and minutes, but also following-up decisions taken and the tasks assigned to meeting members during meetings.

The Modern way of Meetings

IntoMeetings is the best meeting management platform that simplifies all procedures related to meetings, saves time and resources to unravel daily meetings. IntoMeetings can also help board directors be better decision makers by giving them total control of all meeting details and following up decisions taken during meetings until desired outcomes are achieved. IntoMeetings lets board directors and their subordinates be on top of their tasks and schedules thus accelerate organization’s growth.

Keep your daily routine exciting

IntoMeetings allows system users to update the percentage of completion of assigned tasks and add comments to clarify task progress. Tasks are then added to tasks archive to help users determine what have been completed and whether or not they have been completed on time. Through the intuitive interface of the IntoMeetings, the user can fulfill his/her job requirements without having to go through the detailed meeting pages. Only through the personal agenda page the user can complete some of the routine tasks such as confirming attendance of a meeting or to print meeting minutes.