Meeting Room Management

IntoMeetings allows you to manage, locate and book meeting rooms by a click of a botton.”

Find and reserve meeting rooms without leaving your office

Nowadays, managers and board directors face difficulties to setup meetings with their subordinates. Finding a meeting room, that is suitable for the meeting, and reserving it is time and effort consuming. But with IntoMeetings, finding and reserving a meeting room is no longer a headache. IntoMeetings allows you to view all meeting rooms and their reservation schedules, so you can easily book the appropriate time and date.

Supply meeting rooms with needed equipment and get feedback reports

After fitting your meeting into schedule and everyone have been informed with its location, IntoMeetings allows attendees to check existing equipment or devices in the meeting hall and request additional ones, if needed. And at the end of the day, Board managers and directors can have a clear feedback about meeting rooms efficiency and usage through graphic and tabular reports.

Know meeting rooms calendars

IntoMeetings system allows administrators to check the status of meeting rooms. Once a meeting room is booked and beginning and ending hours have been identified its status shows that it is busy during that period. Administrators can follow-up appointments and booked halls to efficiently register for a meeting.

Locate meeting rooms on Google Maps

IntoMeetings not only makes finding and reserving meetings rooms simple, but also makes reaching meeting destination easy. As IntoMeetings integrates with Google Maps, informing invitees with a meetings room location is no longer an issue to worry about.