IntoMeetings Meeting Agenda

  • Record meeting date, time and location.
  • Get directions to meeting room through Google Maps.
  • Search and select meeting attendees effortlessly.
  • Set a clear meeting agenda by adding discussion topics.
  • Add postponed points from an earlier committee meeting.
  • Get a clear attendance report.
  • Distribute meeting agenda to participants in advance.
  • Use the Voting feature to make decisions as a group.
  • Set and identify agenda points speakers and duration.
  • Send meeting invitations via emails or text messages.

Choose the invitees effortlessly

IntoMeetings allows you to choose invitees from departments or committees by predefined lists, and identify their roles in the meeting as well (chairman, coordinator, attendee). By using IntoMeetings, Board directors can have a meeting with a specific committee without having to go through all the lists of members. IntoMeetings lets you choose a group or a committee, and the system will automatically send meeting invitations to all its members. Not only that, but also lets the meeting chairman determine the role of the invitees in the meeting. IntoMeetings solution also allows you to invite anyone, even from outside the organization for any meeting, by adding contact information like name, e-mail and phone number.

Have a proper meeting agenda

Board directors and chairmen usually find setting up a meeting to be time and effort consuming. By using IntoMeetings, the chairman of the meeting or the coordinator creates a new meeting by selecting data for the meeting. Data could include meeting topics, date, time, location, participants etc. Then, enters the input of meeting agenda and starts inviting members to attend. Setting up for meetings is simpler than ever before thanks to IntoMeetings user-friendly platform.

Control meeting attachments

Among the tools that IntoMeetings offer is adding attachments to the created meetings. Attachments can be scanned documents, electronic documents or even audio files; IntoMeetings system allows any form of attachment formats. Moreover, IntoMeetings gives meeting chairman the privilege of taking control on who can view attachments by identifying participants’ roles.

Manage meetings with smart tools

IntoMeetings’ tools make it easy to navigate through all meeting details. Directors can control everything from setting meeting time and date, deciding meeting duration and even setting times for each agenda topic discussion, while displaying a count-down timer so that chairmen and coordinators can manage meeting time efficiently.

Decide by Voting

IntoMeetings allows the meeting director to take votes on any point of discussion during the meeting. The president or coordinator adds a poll question and suggested answers for participants to choose from. The coordinator also determines whether voting is public or confidential. After all participants are done with giving their votes, the system gives out voting statistics.

Take suggestions

IntoMeetings platform allows invitees to add suggestions to meeting agenda or to a specific meeting topic. After the coordinator sends the meeting agenda to the invitees to read and review, the invitees can suggest edits, additions, or removal of agenda topics and send those suggestions to the meeting coordinator for feedback. The head or coordinator of the meeting can then decide whether or not to approve the proposed suggestion.

Send invitations via email and/or SMS(s)

Invitations are sent to members thru emails and or SMS. IntoMeetings sends email invitations, containing all meeting information, to chosen committees and individuals. Once the invitation is delivered, it is added to the calendar of the recipient requiring him/her to approve or decline the invitation. With an integration with SMS gateway, IntoMeetings enables you to send invitations thru text messages (SMS) containing a link to the meeting. Sending meeting invitations via email or SMS is made even easier with message templates that can be prepared in advance to be used at will.