Interactive Calendar

See upcoming and past events on a single interface

IntoMeetings provides two unique calendar views for members to easily see their tasks and appointments. It allows users to review their agendas displayed in month view or day view, based on user’s choice. And to further support users to stay on top of their tasks, IntoMeetings integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar to help keep all commitments on one platform.

Supports Gregorian and Hijri calendars

IntoMeetings aims to serve the needs of Western, Eastern and Gulf markets. Thus, it supports both Gregorian and Hijri calendars to make it usable for anyone.

Easy Access to Information

IntoMeetings offers companies and organizations easy access to their past, recent and future meeting schedules, all on a single interface. From IntoMeetings calendar, users can get all information about any meeting by simply clicking on the meeting and the system will display meeting status and all its updates.

Make use of integration with Outlook

Users can schedule and organize their meetings with IntoMeetings, as the software offers integration with MS Outlook in a few simple steps. The system generates a link, then the user has to copy the link for calendar subscription, open Outlook, navigate to calendar section, then click on calendar icon and select from the Internet option, and finally paste the link and press ok. With integration with MS Outlook you will never miss an appointment.

Single interface with endless information

Users can easily get multiple information, about any meeting, from a single interface. By choosing a meeting, IntoMeetings specifies if the meeting had been cancelled, running or over showing its meeting minutes.

Meeting Rooms Calendar

IntoMeetings enables administrators to follow-up appointments, booked halls and meetings. By clicking on a chosen meeting day, the system informs the user whether the meeting room is free or reserved. Thus, administrators can use this information to book a meeting room avoiding any possible conflicts.

Unique calendar with multiple views

IntoMeetings provides a unique calendar view for each member to access the platform. With a modern and simple design, each user can view their agenda in monthly or daily views. By clicking on a specific meeting from the monthly display, IntoMeetings gives all information related to the meeting, including meeting name, meeting description and meeting status. As the user view shows the required actions to do on daily basis.

Powerful task management system

IntoMeetings provides an efficient method for directors and employees to access and update their tasks. Directors can use IntoMeetings powerful task management tools to assign tasks to their subordinates. While task owners can quickly update the status of their assigned meeting action items through their My Task list and always be notified if new tasks have been assigned.