Education Sector

IntoMeetings equips all types of academic and professional committees with its innovative, user-friendly and effective tools in order to engulf all meeting schedules, documents and events with no fear of falling behind or being unaware.

Board of Trustees:

If your Board of Trustees needs a highly efficient and productive meeting management system that will not cost them much, IntoMeetings is the product to look for. IntoMeetings is an online system that assists boards and members through scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, and following up with meeting decisions in order to keep track of any appointments. In addition, IntoMeetings gives your board the privilege of managing and archiving documents and forming meetings templates that will kick-start meetings at any time.

Foundation Board:

Foundation boards aim to reach ideal feasible decisions in a precise way to operate for highly profitable investments. By using IntoMeetings, they will be able to master and tackle any activity within the company such as meetings, event dates, suggestions and documents as IntoMeetings features a powerful reporting system that will keep all members in sync.

Administrators and Counselors:

Administrators and counselors not only interact with businesses but also with students to enhance their academic capabilities and their career paths. To keep administrators or counselors in progress, IntoMeetings present tools for creating discussions, sharing information, and communicating with each other to reach the best solutions for any academic or professional matter in an organized manner.

Faculty Senate and Committee:

To end the anxiety of skipping a meeting or losing documents, IntoMeetings offers the tools to record, store, and secure all meeting dates and appointments. Moreover, IntoMeetings sends instant notifications and reminders to notify users with all updates about meeting invitations or even running meetings. Meanwhile, if for any reason data is lost or corrupted, backup is one of the software’s best features.

Reunion Committee:

Bored of unplanned and unsuccessful reunions? Craving to see colleagues who you didn’t meet for a long time and you don’t know where to start? IntoMeetings creates an easy and coherent area to create groups, discuss alternatives, share documents, and even a tool for voting to reach the best decision for this prolonged reunion. So, with IntoMeetings life gets easier and reunions gets better.

Alumni Association Board:

Alumni Association Boards are required to always stay in contact with alumni. In order to do so effortlessly and efficiently, alumni association boards can benefit from IntoMeetings customizable templates, committees and many other effective tools to be able to contact students who graduated to help them move through stages of life.

Students Clubs and Association:

Students Clubs and Associations’ tasks are about recording events, budgets, attendances, and data related to students. So as a member, you should be able to manage meetings and reports in a simple way and to be able to effortlessly retain information whenever needed. IntoMeetings will help you go through your day-today activities with ease. Moreover, with its simple and interactive design all members, including non-techs, will be able to get the best out of the software. And that’s how you run a prosperous work with IntoMeetings.

Special Committees:

Don’t panic if your work is overwhelming and you often find yourself lost in piles of papers. IntoMeetings helps keep documents, events, reminders, important tasks and access to discuss opportunities arranged and systemized. IntoMeetings conduct it all together in a single place for desired enhancement and goal attainment.