Committee Management

Support the establishment and composition of various committees to facilitate the management of their meetings

Organizing Committee Management

The IntoMeetings system provides organizational solutions that aid in committees’ management. For instance, registering committee name, list of members and recording the establishment date of the committee with the ability to attach all of this information to the system.

Adding committee members easily

IntoMeetings allows users to easily add members with their names, assigned roles, date of enrollment and ejection of a committee, and further simplifies adding members by selecting them from the Active Directory.

Modifying Committees

IntoMeetings flexible system allows users to modify committees’ details and members even after being established. With IntoMeetings, directors can modify the list of members of any committee and change their predefined roles.

Save time and effort

From the moment you start thinking about holding a meeting until you implement the recommendations and decisions of this meeting, you find IntoMeetings as the magic wand that helps you overcome challenges in the preparation and execution of meetings. In addition, the system helps users accomplish their tasks and always be in control of their meeting schedules in an efficient and productive way. IntoMeetings allows board managers to compose and register various committees, with a list of members, thus facilitates the process of holding a committee meeting and inviting members of the committee or all members to attend.

When tools integrate for meeting management

The IntoMeetings platform enriches managers’ meeting experience, and thus integrates with other platforms like Microsoft's Active Directory, SMS Gateway. Managers can invite committees to meetings by only selecting the desired committee, and names of the members linked to this committee will receive meeting invitations. IntoMeetings integrates with platforms such as Microsoft's Active Directory and SMS Gateway to retrieve members’ information and to identify their roles in the meeting as head, coordinator or invitee. IntoMeetings features and tools work together to make meetings a better experience.