Have a solid reference of all your meeting records, documents and decisions by using IntoMeetings archive system

Archives are crucial as they provide evidence and records of events and tell us more about the performance of individuals and organizations. Archives, moreover, helps organizations measure their progress and create visions for future development. IntoMeetings archives the meetings and stores them along with their agenda points, decisions, recommendations and votes to be accessible at any time for consultation and review.

Accessible meetings archive

With all the features and tools that IntoMeetings offers for individual users and enterprises, nothing will be of real use without a solid meetings and tasks archive. IntoMeetings solution stores all meeting minutes online, including their attachments, and archives them by meeting title, date and coordinator. Making it easy to access by anyone with required authority.

Have solid reference for tasks and decisions

Once a meeting is over and minutes are approved, IntoMeetings archives the meeting along with its minutes that can be consulted at any time later to see agenda points, decisions, recommendations or refer to one of the votes, and so on. Similarly, IntoMeetings enables users to select completed tasks and store those tasks or decisions to the task archive where they can easily be accessed regardless of the status: completed on time or delayed.