Task Management

Supporting decision-makers in recording meetings recommendations and assigning tasks for further business development

IntoMeetings ensures that decisions and recommendations are recorded intelligently and effectively while enabling users to follow-up on assigned tasks in order to achieve the target development and growth expected from meetings.

Record decisions and recommendations intelligently

IntoMeetings is designed to help decision makers extract and add important information and decisions from and to meetings. For instance, after discussing each item on the meeting agenda, the result of this discussion is recorded instantly.

Create action items, set their due dates and assign them to users

The system helps you classify these decisions as action items while determining its due date and the person responsible to complete this task, whether the person was from meeting attendees or not. IntoMeetings then automatically sends these tasks to the person assigned to become within his/her personal duties. In case if these discussions were written as recommendations and do not need to be assigned to someone, they are included in meeting minutes.

Postpone agenda items to the next committee meeting

If there is a decision to postpone one of the meeting's agenda items, it is attached to the postponement, and then IntoMeetings system allows any postponed item to be discussed later whether by adding them to the agenda of another meeting or by discussing them before the start of a new meeting.